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By the Numbers - One Year Later

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August 22, 2006
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1 Hurricane Katrina was the single most catastrophic natural disaster in U.S. history. The storm devastated a 90,000 square-mile area, which is roughly the size of Great Britain. The storm also resulted in the largest displacement of Americans in our nation’s history, forcing more than 270,000 into shelters after landfall.
42 42 states and the District of Columbia received Presidential emergency declarations following Hurricane Katrina to shelter evacuees. This total is the most declarations made for a single disaster in FEMA history.
4,200 The (800) 621-FEMA teleregistration and help line ran for more than 4,200 hours straight – 176 days – after Hurricane Katrina struck. Never have the registration and help line call centers operated for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays) for such a long duration.
6,300 Nearly 6,300 medical personnel were deployed to provide medical attention and expertise to state and local governments and disaster victims after Hurricane Katrina.
100,000 Nearly 100,000 roofs damaged by Hurricane Katrina have been temporarily covered by FEMA's "Blue Roof" program operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers so that families can remain in their homes as they rebuild. These are the most roofs covered following a single hurricane in the "Blue Roof" program's history.
112,000 More than 112,000 travel trailers and mobile homes are serving as temporary homes for Hurricane Katrina victims, triple the number of units used following all of last year’s Florida hurricanes and far outnumbering any housing mission in FEMA’s history. Manufactured housing continues to be moved into the Gulf Coast region to support ongoing housing needs.
420,000 Households have received Other Needs Assistance, which provides financial assistance for serious, disaster-related needs. More than $1.9 billion has been distributed through this grant program.
1.3 Million Hurricane Katrina destroyed tens of thousands of homes and other housing units. To evaluate damage, FEMA has conducted more than 1.3 million inspections in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi to determine Katrina’s impact on homes.
99 Million Since Hurricane Katrina, more than 99 million cubic yards of debris have been removed in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. FEMA debris removal project have totaled beyond $3.7 billion to date.
650 Million FEMA paid $650 million for hotel and motel rooms to date to provide hotel and motel rooms to tens of thousa...
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