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Kid's Tornado Quiz

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May 9, 2003
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  1. Which natural disaster comes from powerful thunderstorms and appears as rotating, funnel-shaped clouds?
    a. Hurricanes
    b. Tornadoes
    c. Earthquakes
    d. Floods

  2. What wind speed can a tornado reach?
    a. 50 MPH
    b. 750 MPH
    c. 300 MPH
    d. 500 MPH

  3. The area of the United States that has the highest risk for tornadoes is _______.
    a. Tornado Alley
    b. Funnel Town
    c. Disaster Pathway
    d. Alaska

  4. Tornado season typically begins in _____ and ends in _______.
    a. January; September
    b. August; December
    c. March; August
    d. November; June

  5. What is the most important thing to do when a tornado is near by?
    a. Call your best friend
    b. Take cover
    c. Get your camera out so you can take pictures
    d. Watch TV until the tornado is gone

  6. A tornado watch is:
    a. When you get your binoculars out and look for a funnel cloud
    b. When tornadoes are possible in your area
    c. A device that tells you what time a tornado is going to strike
    d. When a tornado has been spotted in your area

  7. A tornado warning is:
    a. When tornadoes are possible in your area
    b. When your mom tells you to do your science homework
    c. When a tornado has been spotted in your area
    d. A device that predicts how big a tornado is going to be

  8. What do you call a special room built inside the house that is designed to withstand very high winds and flying debris?
    a. Oz Room
    b. Safe Room
    c. Tornado Tester Room
    d. There is no such room

  9. There is never a lot of damage cause by tornadoes.
    a. True
    b. False

  10. Which of the following are actions you can take to protect your home?
    a. Building a safe room in your house
    b. Using devices like anchors, straps and clips to secure buildings
    c. Reinforcing garage doors for strength
    d. All of the above

» Answers for Kid's Tornado Quiz

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