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Preventative Tree Trimming Can Protect Homes From Power Failure

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January 30, 2001
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Little Rock, AR -- While many power outages during the December ice storms were from damage on main electrical lines, some property owners found that the source of their suffering was the trees in their own backyard.

To prevent future outages to communities, utility companies will be pruning trees that grow under, above or around electric distribution lines on public rights of way.

Live wires can be deadly. Property owners who have trees in and around power lines should hire a professional tree service to trim them or call their local utility company. If the growth of a tree could lead to the disruption of power lines in the future, it should be pruned before it becomes a hazard. Proper care of trees near power lines can protect property owners from outages involving ice and high winds. Trimming branches hanging over buildings also can protect the property from roof damage and wildfire.

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January 3, 2018 - 13:01