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Alaska's New Fiscal Year Comes in Y2K Compliant

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July 17, 1999
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Anchorage, July 17, 1999 -- The Alaska State government's Fiscal Year 2000 began July 1, and as fiscal year digital calendars read "00," millions of dollars in payment checks to contractors, government benefit recipients, payrolls, pensions, and vendors were made without a hitch. Accounting, budgeting and payments were uninterrupted. According to Alaska Y2K Project Office manager Bob Poe, the smooth transition reflects several years of systematic Year 2000 technology compliance work.

"We established a centralized program to coordinate state agency efforts towards Y2K compliance early on, evaluating mission critical systems, identifying date-sensitive applications and phasing in repairs and replacement components as indicated, " said Poe. "Our transition to Fiscal Year 2000 was almost flawless; no emergency management response was required. The Y2K project office closely monitored the status of all mission critical business functions. There is more work to be done, but we passed this crucial milestone with flying colors."

Detailed information on state government readiness and Y2K technology issues is available on the ADES web site: and the State of Alaska Year 2000 information site:

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