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EIIP Online Today on Y2K, Tomorrow on Droughts

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April 13, 1999
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership (EIIP) will host several interesting online sessions this week. To participate, please visit their website

Tuesday April 13, 1:00 PM EDT:

The Virtual Forum Round Table will be led by Jan Nickerson, developer of Y2K Connections, an interactive scenario card game which challenges players with real-life disruptions. This session is quite different from other Round Tables -- you will have an opportunity to play the game. For Context and Rules, see information following Wednesday's Virtual Classroom topic. This is provided to give you advance information and encourage you to participate in Tuesday's online activity.

Wednesday, April 14, 12:00 Noon EDT:

We continue a series on different types of hazards, with a session on Drought, with Dr. Donald A. Wilhite, Professor and Director, National Drought Mitigation Center, International Drought Information Center. Join us in the EIIP Virtual Classroom for this informative discussion.

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