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Resilient Nation Partnership Network

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network (RNPN) is a unique network of organizations and individuals united to help communities take action and become more resilient. Our mission is to inform, educate, and motivate communities to protect themselves from the loss of life, property, and prosperity as a result of natural hazards.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates.

Who We Are

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network (RNPN) consists of organizations and individuals representing a variety of fields, industries, populations, and communities with a vested interest in strong, resilient communities. Current partners include organizations representing community planning, floodplain management, insurance, emergency management, building and infrastructure, environment and sustainability, academia, other federal agencies, and state and local governments.

Partner Organizations

To date, we have over 200 organizations involved in the RNPN. Below is a snapshot of current partners. FEMA is always looking for new and diverse organizations to join the conversation. Our partners include representatives from the following sectors:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Non-Profit and other Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Academia
  • Professional and Trade Organizations
  • State and Local Representatives
  • Private Sector Companies
  • And others

What We Do

Communities look to many sources of support to help them identify their vulnerabilities and also leverage new innovations and resources. From supporting the economic vitality of small businesses in a community to encouraging the environmental sustainability of our coastal towns in the face of changing risk, reducing our collective vulnerability to natural disasters by taking mitigation actions is critical to making us a more resilient nation.

Given the wide spectrum of fields and industries with a vested interest in reducing the risk of loss of life and property from natural disasters, FEMA established the RNPN to activate national collaborations around the importance of resilience and to drive mitigation action at the community level. By bringing new voices to the table and leveraging the array of interests, priorities, and ideas represented by partners, the RNPN is a strong advocate and an influential resource for resilience. Most importantly, we are working together to drive actionable change in communities across the country.

Why Join the RNPN

Partners receive access to other professionals in the resilience field, as well as information, data, tools, training and speaking opportunities, and more. The RNPN seeks to foster an environment for original content production and distribution, open dialogue with peers and thought leaders, and need-based matchmaking to fuel action at both the national and local levels.

The RNPN is an opt-in network founded on community and knowledge sharing. The RNPN seeks to foster year-round collaboration that helps address our biggest challenges in resilience. The RNPN seeks to address a wide range of issues impacting all levels of stakeholders, including but not limited to:

  • Social equity
  • Financing preparedness
  • Technical assistance
  • Climate adaptation
  • Communicating risk

Partner Activities

We stay in touch through various means of communication and engagement, including:

Quarterly Calls – Quarterly calls are held once a quarter following the government’s fiscal year calendar, except the quarter when the Partnership Forum is held. Calls focus on a specific topic or theme and feature a variety of speakers to reflect diverse perspectives. Prior calls have focused on coastal resilience (NOAA), insurance and resilience (Willis Towers Watson and Center for NYC Neighborhoods), and vulnerable and underrepresented populations (Enterprise Community Partners, FEMA).

The Resilience Exchange – These learning sessions are held on a monthly/bi-monthly basis and provide a platform for a partner to go in depth on a particular subject or topic, promoting an “exchange” of knowledge with others in the Network. They are held both in person and virtually. Past speakers have included:  

  • D.C. Office of Planning
  • International Code Council
  • National Institute of Building Sciences
  • Anthropocene Alliance
  • Habitat for Humanity

Monthly Newsletters – Newsletters are sent monthly to partners, FEMA and stakeholders, and feature a diversity of content provided from partners, for partners. Partnering organizations may submit updates, announcements, and links for submission. See the latest version here. To join the mailing list, please contact

The Partnership Forum – The Partnership Forum is an annual event hosted by the RNPN, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and a partner organization.  It is an all-day event providing opportunities for partners to engage in thought leadership, knowledge exchange, networking, and action-oriented discussion.

For a list of our upcoming events, click here.

The Partnership Forum

Past Forums:

How to Join

Interested in joining or learning more? We want to hear from you. Please email or contact Bradley Dean, below.

Bradley Dean, CFM, CE
Communications & Partnerships Specialist    
(202) 417-4486

For general questions and queries, contact

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