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National Flood Insurance Program: Policy Issuances, Endorsements and Bulletins

This page provides underwriting NFIP bulletins and policy issuances from 2004 through 2010. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: converting a Standard Rated to a Preferred Risk Policy because of a map revision (2004); the Implementation of §209 of the Flood Insurance Reform Act (2005); a U.S. District Court order pertaining to the sale of NFIP policies in Monroe County, Florida (2005); information about re-rating of Substantially Damaged Buildings (2006); a bulletin about outlining acceptable documentation for underwriting transactions for multi-property Letters of Map Revision or Letters of Map Amendment (2007); and a bulletin for buildings over water that were originally constructed over land (2010).

Underwriting Bulletins - 2010

Underwriting Bulletins - 2007

Policy Issuances - 2006

Policy Issuances - 2005

Underwriting Bulletins - 2004

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