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This page contains tips to help Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) applicants provide Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the information needed to expedite a map amendment request.

If you have Questions: Please contact a Map Specialist in the FEMA Map Information eXchange.

Response Time

  • Notice of submittal completeness within 1 week
  • Amendment determination issued within 60 days of receipt of all required data

For Fastest Processing

There are two ways an applicant can submit a LOMA request online: eLOMA and the Online LOMC application.

eLOMA is a web-based application within the Mapping Information Platform (MIP) that provides licensed land surveyors and professional engineers (Licensed Professionals) with a system to submit simple LOMA requests to FEMA. This tool is designed to make a determination based on the information submitted by the Licensed Professional. Through the use of eLOMA, Licensed Professionals could receive a determination in the time that it takes to enter the required information online. The eLOMA online determination tool is available only to licensed land surveyors and professional engineers that have registered to be eLOMA Licensed Professionals and that are submitting applications on behalf of homeowners/landowners. An eLOMA document will serve the same functions as a standard LOMA. You can find additional information about eLOMA online at Select the Tools & Links tab and click eLOMA under the Other Resources heading.

Applicants can now use Online LOMC, an internet-based tool, to easily request a LOMA.  This online tool is a convenient way for anyone, including home or property owners, their representatives and professional surveyors and engineers, to upload all information and supporting documentation.  Applicants may check the status of their application instantly.  Users can submit LOMA requests through this tool instead of filing the MT-EZ paper form via mail.  Online LOMC may also be used to process other types of map Amendment or Revision requests. Learn more about the Online LOMC application.

Surveyor or Engineer Responsibilities

  • Indicate the lowest adjacent grade elevation (lowest ground touching the structure, including any attached decks or garage) for all structure requests
  • Indicate the lowest lot elevation (lowest ground elevation on the property) for all property requests
  • Confirm that elevations are given to the nearest tenth of a foot or meter and are referenced to the same datum as the official National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map for the affected community

For Best Results

  • Identify correct process/product
  • Answer all questions on forms
  • Use data checklists provided with the forms
  • Submit data all at once

For More Information

  • For information on related fees, see the Fee Schedule.
  • Please contact a Map Specialist in the FEMA Map Information eXchange.
  • Please register to receive Risk MAP updates on FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping activities, including levee-related information, via e-mail.

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