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National Dam Safety Program Information

These resources provide an overview of the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) and the types of publications and resources available to the public.

  • Dam Safety in the United States: A Progress Report on the National Dam Safety Program
    This report describes the status of NDSP, the progress achieved by the federal agencies during the two preceding fiscal years in implementing the Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety, and the progress achieved by the states participating in the Program (2016).
  • National Dam Safety Program Annual Year in Review
    NDSP is a national program that targets the improvement of dams and the safety of those who live in surrounding communities. Since it was first authorized by Congress in 1996, there have been marked improvements in the safety of many of our Nation’s dams. This is directly attributable to what NDSP has been able to achieve since its inception. Beginning in 2012, FEMA began to highlight key NDSP accomplishments on a yearly basis to advance awareness and understanding of the important role NDSP plays to reduce risk, promote benefits, and enhance safety surrounding our Nation’s dams. The Year-in-Review provides the progress of NDSP along with important accomplishments that continue across all NDSP elements, including State assistance, research, training, and the alignment of NDSP within the emergency management and resilience frameworks (2016).
  • National Dam Safety Program Fact Sheet
    As the lead Federal agency for NDSP, FEMA is responsible for coordinating efforts to secure the safety of dams throughout the United States. The program makes Federal funds available to the States, which are primarily responsible for protecting the public from dam failures of non-Federal dams, and pursuing initiatives that enhance the safety of dams posing the greatest risk to people and property (2015).
  • The National Dam Safety Program: 25 Years of Excellence (FEMA L-262)
    This brochure provides an overview of FEMA’s role as lead agency and the responsibilities of the Federal agencies that own, regulate, operate, and maintain dams (2013).
  • National Dam Safety Program Strategic Plan (FEMA P-916)
    This Strategic Plan for the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) for Fiscal Years (FY) 2012 through 2016 was developed to present the goals and objectives established by FEMA and its partners in the NDSP to reduce the hazards from dam failures and demonstrate the benefits of dams in the United States (2012).
  • Catalog of FEMA Dam Safety Resources
    This catalog provides an overview of National Dam Safety Program publications and resources available to the public (2008).
  • Model State Dam Safety Program (FEMA 316CD)
    This document outlines the key components of an effective dam safety program and provides guidance on the development of more effective and sustainable State programs to eliminate the risks created by unsafe dams (2007).

Many publications can be ordered from the FEMA Publications Warehouse by calling 1-800-480-2520 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST) or sending a fax to 1-240-699-0252. You can also email a request to Please provide the title, FEMA publication number, and the quantity of each publication, along with your name, address, zip code, and daytime telephone number.

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