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Mitigation eGrants System

This is the homepage for the Mitigation Electronic Grants (eGrants) Management System which FEMA created to process grant applications electronically.  This page describes the Mitigation eGrants system and provides an overview of the application and review process.  The eGrants system is used to process applications for the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant programs by the following users:

  • Subgrant Applicants (Local governments, state agencies. state-recognized tribes, Alaskan villages applying as Subapplicants)
  • Grant Applicants (States, the District of Columbia, U. S. Territories and federally-recognized tribes applying as Applicants)
  • FEMA

System Information

The Mitigation eGrants system consists of two parts:

1.  The External Mitigation eGrants System is for Applicants (States, the District of Columbia, U. S. Territories and federally-recognized tribes) and Subapplicants (Local governments, state agencies. state-recognized tribes, Alaskan villages) to create and submit applications for mitigation activities to FEMA. The External eGrants system is also used by Applicants to manage awards and quarterly progress reports.  See the Application and Review Process section below.  The External Mitigation eGrants System is available on the Internet through the FEMA Grants Portal:

2. The Internal Mitigation eGrants System is for FEMA users.  FEMA uses the Internal eGrants System to review, select and award applications for mitigation assistance and to monitor grant performance.  See the Application and Review Process section below. The Internal eGrants system is available on the FEMA Intranet:

There are separate web pages for each user with specific information regarding their use of the applicable part of the Mitigation eGrants system.  Please click on the user type below for additional information specific to each audience:

 Locals; State Agencies; State Recognized Indian Tribes; Alaskan Villages States, Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Territories  Headquarters and Regional FEMA staff

Application Submittal & Review Process

Below is a chart depicting the application submittal process in the eGrants External system

eGrants External System Process
Subgrant applicant creates subgrant application. Subgrant applicant submits subgrant application to State, Territory, or federally-recognized grant applicant.The grant applicant reviews the subgrant applications. Grant applicant approves subgrant. Grantee applicant creates the grant application to include approved subgrant applications. Grant applicant submits grant applications to FEMA.

After FEMA recieves applications, a review is conducted in the eGrants Internal system.  FEMA awards approved subgrants and monitors grant progress.  Below is a chart outlining the process.

eGrants internal processes
FEMA reviews grant applications. FEMA approves subgrant applications. FEMA awards grants to include approved subgrant applications. FEMA monitors grants implementation through review of Quarterly Reports submitted by the Grantee.

Please refer to the eGrants Application Submittal and Review Process web page for more detailed information.

Blank Applications

If a Subapplicant cannot use the Mitigation eGrants system to submit their subgrant applications, then their Applicant state must enter the paper application(s) into the eGrants system on the Subapplicant's behalf. Blank copies of applications that conform to the Mitigation eGrants system format are available for reference.  Using a blank application ensures that all of the necessary information is provided to the Grant Applicant for input into the eGrants External System.   Blank applications that conform to the Mitigation eGrants system format are available for reference from the Print Blank Applications link on the eGrants Homepage after you log into the Mitigation eGrants External system  or from the FEMA Library: Mitigation eGrants: Blank Applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FEMA has developed frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responses for eGrants External system users:

Mitigation eGrants System FAQs - Subgrant Applicant Users

Mitigation eGrants System FAQs - Grant Applicant Users  

In addition, FEMA has developed FAQs about on how Federally-recognized tribal governments can use the Mitigation eGrants External system to apply as Subapplicants through a state or as Applicants directly to FEMA:

Mitigation eGrants System FAQs - Tribal governments

Frequently Asked Questions for eGrants Internal system users are also available in the FEMA Library. 

eGrants Frequently Asked Questions for Internal Users

Web-Based System Training

FEMA has developed a series of interactive web-based training (WBT) courses designed to provide users the basic knowledge to use the web-based Mitigation eGrants system. The Web-Based Training can be accessed through the FEMA Emergency Management Institute website:

This course is intended for local/tribal government officials who will apply as Subapplicants to their state  for grant funds.

This course is intended for state/territories/tribal government officials who will apply as Applicants to FEMA for grant funds.

This course is targeted to FEMA Users (HQ and Regional staff with Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant program responsibilities and Regional Assistance Officers) who are responsible for application review in the eGrants Internal system once the Applicant has submitted their application in the eGrants External system.

eGrants Helpdesk

For assistance with the Mitigation eGrants system, users can contact the eGrants Helpdesk via email at or phone at 1-855-228-3362.


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