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Mitigation Best Practice Guided Format

This page is about Mitigation Best Practice Guided Format. It offers you a guideline for preparing your Best Practice for submittal.

ACTIVITY/PROJECT TITLE – Best Practice Headline

Select a short, descriptive phrase that will draw interest to the Best Practice.


Give a brief overview of the situation – Who? What? When? Where? Why? – including the positive results of the risk mitigation measures used. If the reader only sees the first few sentences, he/she leaves with the message that mitigation works!


Acquaint the reader with the “star of the story” and why this testimonial is germane to the recent disaster and any state/local/community hazard mitigation efforts. Is there a FEMA partner in this story? Link all involved and clarify the collaborative effort. This is a good place to use the first quote of the story.


Begin weaving the factual, cultural and emotional elements of the story and how the activity introduced earlier produced results. Reinforce the value/benefit of the risk mitigation measure taken. What were the economic savings? The emotional savings? What secondary impacts of a hazard were spared? Here is where you gain the reader’s trust and validate his/her reasons for wanting to continue reading.

FIFTH PARAGRAPH – Promote Change

Risk mitigation measures come in all sizes; many are simple to implement and incredibly affordable. Is it clear that the reader DOES have the capacity to take the mitigation measure(s) promoted in the story? Can the reader substitute him/herself in the story?


Provide the reader with the information necessary to be successful. Where can the reader get help? Be supported in future efforts? Is it a phone number? Web site? Community meeting? Home improvement store?

FINAL PARAGRAPH – Positive Reinforcement

In the final sentences, reinforce the message that mitigation works and that the action(s) taken are likely to make a difference in the future. Consider using a strong quote from the story participant to send the message they’re safer because of mitigation.


A variety of supporting materials such as photos, maps, graphics and/or PDF files can be added to enhance your Best Practice. You may send us up to 6 attachments per Best Practice. Please include a caption or description with each photo, map, graphic, or PDF file. If sending via e-mail, please send each attachment separately to ensure it is received properly through the DHS/FEMA e-mail system. You may also supply up to 2 URLs to a related website, such as your community website or one that offers more detailed information.

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