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    Cover Image for Hurricane Irma album

    Hurricane Irma

    Photos, Graphics and B-Roll of FEMA and federal partners activities in advance of and response to Hurricane Irma
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    Cover Image for Hurricane Harvey album

    Hurricane Harvey

    Collection of Images, Videos, and Graphics relating to Hurricane Harvey.
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    2017 National Preparedness Month Logos

    A collection of various sized logos for the 2017 National Preparedness Month (NPM)
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    Cover Image for Community Recovery Management Toolkit album

    Community Recovery Management Toolkit

    The Community Recovery Management Toolkit is a compilation of guidance, case studies, tools, and training to assist local communities in managing long-term recovery following a disaster. The materials provided in this toolkit are aimed at providing guidance and resources to help local officials and community leaders to lead, organize, plan for, and manage the complex issues of post-disaster recovery.
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    RVI Public Assistance

    Region 6 Public Assistance Collection
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    Employee Engagment

    Images and Documents pertaining to Employee Engagement
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    Hazard Mitigation Assistance

    Hazard Mitigation Assistance - Collection of documents
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    Until Help Arrives

    This collection will contain materials that will assist survivors until help arrives.
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    Cover Image for National Exercise Division album

    National Exercise Division

    National Exercise Division's Public Files
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    Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA)

    Report ma.ndated by Congress on Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) information
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    Clear Communication Letters

    Clear Communication Letters
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    Cover Image for DR4285 North Carolina Hurricane Matthew  album

    DR4285 North Carolina Hurricane Matthew

    Photos of Hurricane Matthew Damage to North Carolina.
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    Cover Image for Hurricane Matthew album

    Hurricane Matthew

    This collections contains Hurricane Matthew information and photos 4283-Florida 4283-Georgia 4285-North Carolina 4286-South Carolina
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    Cover Image for Region VI - Greensheets and Keeping Current album

    Region VI - Greensheets and Keeping Current

    Environmental Consideration Greensheets and quarterly newsletter for stakeholders
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    Cover Image for EMI - Emergency Management Institute album

    EMI - Emergency Management Institute

    Static Collection for the Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
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    Cover Image for  DR-4277  Louisiana Severe Storms and Flooding album

    DR-4277 Louisiana Severe Storms and Flooding

    This collections holds all the documents and photos for the Louisiana flooding.
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    Mitigation Federal Inter-agency Operational Plan
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    Cover Image for 2016 National Preparedness Month Logo/Graphic Resources album

    2016 National Preparedness Month Logo/Graphic Resources

    Graphics and logo resources for National Preparedness Month 2016.
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    Letter of Final Determination (LFD) Lists for FIRMs

    These documents hold listings of all communities for which Letters of Final Determination (LFD) have been sent and an effective date in 2016 has been set. The LFD is a letter sent to each affected community stating that a new or updated Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) will become effective on a certain date, and that the community is required to adopt a compliant floodplain management ordinance by that date to remain eligible for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
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    Emergency Support Functions (ESF)

    The ESFs provide the structure for coordinating Federal inter agency support for a Federal response to an incident. They are mechanisms for grouping functions most frequently used to provide Federal support to States and Federal-to-Federal support, both for declared disasters and emergencies under the Stafford Act and for non-Stafford Act incidents