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January 16, 2019
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  • Letter to Creditor

    Letter to Creditors from FEMA HR

  • OutsideEmploymentDuringFurloughInformation.pdf

    DHS employees remain federal employees even during a

    furlough due to a lapse of appropriations. As such, you continue to be bound by the rules contained in the

    Executive Branch Standards of Ethical Conduct and the Department’s Supplemental Ethics Regulation.

    Pursuant to those supplemental regulations, DHS employees are required to obtain prior approval for

    paid outside employment. This same regulation provides that approval should be granted unless the

    outside employment is expected to involve conduct prohibited by statute or Federal regulation, such as

    causing a conflict of interest. If you are contemplating paid non-Federal employment in case you are

    furloughed, please contact the appropriate agency ethics official to obtain approval.

    The following is a brief summary of the ethics rules related to outside employment...

  • SF-8-UnemploymentCompensationforFederalEmployeesProgram



    Unemployment insurance (UI) for Federal workers. When unemployed, Federal workers may be entitled to UI benefits similar to those of workers in private industry. If you become unemployed or are in a nonpay status and want to FILE A CLAIM, go to the nearest LOCAL PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE of the STATE EMPLOYMENT SECURITY AGENCY to register for work and file your claim for UI. Your ELIGIBILITY for UI CANNOT be determined until AFTER you file a claim. DO NOT DELAY filing a UI claim; if you wait, your unemployment benefits may be reduced or you may not qualify for any benefits.

    To help EXPEDITE your claim, take THIS FORM with you, your SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER CARD, the OFFICIAL NOTICE of your most recent employed by a Federal agency. SEPARATION or of your present NONPAY status (Standard Form 50 if available), EARNINGS and LEAVE statements, or similar documents that indicate you were employed by a Federal agency.

  • TSP Lapse Fact Sheet for Employees

    This fact sheet explains the effects a period of nonpay has on TSP loans, contributions, and withdrawals. It is

    for civilian employees who are placed in nonpay status (e.g., furlough or leave without pay) and for members

    of the uniformed services who are in the Ready Reserves and have been given approval by their command to

    skip scheduled drills, or whose yearly drill schedule is performed over a one- or two-month period.1 It does

    not apply to employees who are in nonpay status performing an assignment with a state or local government

    agency under the provisions of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) or to employees who are in nonpay

    status serving as full-time officers or employees of a union.2

  • UnemploymentInsuranceWorkersCompensationFAQ1.17.19

    Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation FAQ

    Updated 1/17/19