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National Preparedness Report (7)

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May 31, 2016
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  • 2016 National Preparedness Report

    The National Preparedness Report is an annual requirement of Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness.
    The report evaluates and measures gains individuals and communities, private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based
    organizations, and all levels of governments have made in preparedness and identifies where challenges remain. The
    2016 National Preparedness Report focuses primarily on preparedness activities undertaken or reported during 2015
    and summarizes progress in building, sustaining, and delivering the 32 core capabilities outlined in the National
    Preparedness Goal.

    This page contains the 2016 National Preparedness Report, a summary, and overviews in these areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: California

    California has received over $3 billion in Federal homeland security grants since 2006. Recently, the state has used grant funds to develop and implement a regional planning approach for the provision of disaster housing in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: Michigan

    Michigan has received over $435 million in preparedness grant funding since 2006. Michigan has used a portion of these grants to enhance response capabilities, including an innovative project to use an unmanned aircraft system to support state response teams.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: New York City

    From 2006 to 2014, New York City received over $2.1 billion in preparedness and public health grant funding. Through March 2015, New York City agencies spent $21 million responding to Ebola virus disease. Federal preparedness and public health grant-supported projects in the areas of pre-incident coordination, preparedness activities, and response lessened the financial burden and helped New York City effectively address its 16 suspected cases (including one positive case) of Ebola virus disease since 2014.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: Louisiana

    Since 2005, Louisiana has received over $380 million in Federal homeland security grants, investing funds in interoperable communications, partnerships to enhance disaster response and recovery, and critical infrastructure protection.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: Colorado

    Colorado has invested over $180 million in Federal homeland security grants since 2006. Colorado’s emergency preparedness initiatives target terrorism prevention and all-hazards disaster response.

  • National Exercise Program (NEP) Nomination Form 2020

    The National Exercise Program (NEP) provides opportunities for Whole Community partners to contribute to the National Preparedness Goal of building a secure and resilient nation. Findings from whole community exercises are used to directly inform national preparedness efforts to include in the National Preparedness Report.

    The purpose of this form is to request support from the National Exercise Division for your exercise. If you have questions related to this form, contact the National Exercise Division at