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Cascadia Rising 2016 (2)

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Information and documents on Cascadia Rising 2016.
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April 5, 2016
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  • Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise Documents

    A functional exercise is a mix of real-world actions and notional activities. Developing sophisticated exercises like Cascadia Rising is a professional discipline. Many of the terms and concepts used to conduct (and explain) how a major Functional Exercise works can be confusing. Other essential operational terms are also included for reference. Please refer to the explanations in this document as needed.

  • Cascadia Rising 2016 After Action Report

    This multi-state joint after-action report (AAR) synthesizes regionally significant issues observed during the Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise. Specifically, the AAR identifies major findings related to how emergency operations centers (EOCs) at all levels—cities, counties, state, tribes, federal, military, and others—collaborated to share information and solve problems in the aftermath of a catastrophic scenario. As such, the AAR avoids identifying specific jurisdictions in order to focus on collective strengths and areas for improvement.