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Mitigation Best Practices (61)

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December 4, 2015
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  • Assistance Best Practices

    The Best Practices contained in this document show how others have mitigated against disasters and the assistance they received. See below for a list of the stories.

    - Repetitive Flood Claims Program Benefits City and Homeowners
    - User Friendly Government: Town of Hempstead Seeks to Lighten the Load
    - Backup Plan Provides Electrical Power for a New Jersey Community
    - Computerized Warning System Alerts Pueblo Residents
    - On Top of the Game in Floodplain Management
    - Mass Acquisitions Ward Off Repetitive Flood Loss

  • Flood Best Practices

    The Best Practices contained in this document show how others have mitigated against flood related disasters. See below for a list of the stories.

    - Elevation Saves Business and Provides Refuge
    - Elevating a Slab-On-Grade Home
    - Bay Head Elevated Home Undamaged by Sandy Surge
    - Flood Vents, Elevation, and Compliance: Homeowners Protect Their Investment
    - Combating Streambank Erosion in Fountain Creek
    - Flood Mitigation Project Leads to Saving the Town of Wellington

  • Wind Best Practices

    The Best Practices contained in this document show how others have mitigated against wind disasters. See below for a list of the stories.

    - Hurricane Straps Save a Roof
    - Safe Room Protects Oklahoma Family
    - Making Tornado Safety a Priority
    - Twenty Survive in Neighbor's Safe Room
    - Community Continues to Enjoy Benefits of Safe Room Investment
    - Winning the Battle Against High Wind Events
    - Lahouse: A Mitigation Model for Louisiana Homes

  • Grants Best Practices

    The Best Practices contained in this document show how others obtained grants to mitigated against  disasters. See below for a list of the stories.

    - FEMA Grant Helps Town Rebuild Road, Improve Safety for Residents
    - FEMA HMGP Funding Provides Security in Port Neches
    - Grants and Forward Thinking Prevent Sewer Backup
    - Hazard Mitigation Grant Pilot Provides Safe Haven for Louisiana Couple
    - Multiple FEMA Grant Programs Ease Flood Worries
    - Using Grants to Help Convert Overhead Electrical Lines to Underground

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Collaborative Community Resilience: Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Planning

    This Best Practice describes how Harris County, Texas, developed a multi-jurisdictional mitigation planning process. It can be viewed as a model of collaborative planning that enhances community resilience and reduces long term vulnerability.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Disaster Ready Austin

    This Best Practice describes how Austin, Texas, created an initiative to be prepared for disaster. The purpose of the initiative is to educate and empower residents to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. 

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Award-Winning Team Helps Residents Recover from Disaster

    This Best Practice shows how the Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management recognized a need by their local families who had damage inflicted on them by fire. The result was the creation of the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team (LTRT) comprised of 11 employees that sprang into action immediately.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Safe Room Program Offers Cooke County, Texas Residents Peace of Mind

    This Best Practice tells how one County, that that had a long local history of tornadoes, helped its residents by offering homeowners financial incentives to build tornado shelters and safe rooms. 

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Nontraditional Wildfire Mitigation in Bastrop County, Texas

    This Best Practices tells how county decided to reduce understory fuel using non-traditional mechanical means as opposed to prescribed burning. 

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Lower Onion Creek Flood Mitigation Buyout Project Gets Kudos from Homeowners

    This Best Practices tells how a acquisition project, which was partly funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), removed numerous properties from the flood’s path. A study had been prepared determined that acquiring the flood-prone properties and relocating the residents would be more effective than more extensive structural solutions to the flooding problem.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Brazoria County Adopts Freeboard Regulation in Combatting Flood Loss

    This Best Practices describes how Brazoria County, Texas, made the decision to become proactive in combatting flood loss by adopting freeboard regulations.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Weathering the Storm In More Ways Than One

    This Best Practice tells how the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center undertook a major mitigation project to protect the center from another flood.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - A Mitigation Measure Designed to Save Lives

    This Best Practice tells how Hays County, Texas, using a flood warning system, prevents motorists from washing away or  being trapped in their vehicles.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Chains of Wetlands Project Reduces Flood Risks in City of Dallas

    This Best Practice tells how ,after years of serious flooding, the city of Dallas made a decision to reduce flood risk by redesigning an important ecosystem located in the heart of the city.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Water Pumps Mitigate Simonton’s Flood Problem

    This Best Practice tells how he city of Simonton in Fort Bend County, Texas, which had been plagued by flooding in the past, escaped the flood waters of the Brazos River during a recent event largely because of its drainage pumps.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Moving to Higher Ground

    This Best Practice, about the Harris County voluntary buyout program, shows how hundreds of other homeowners previously in the high-risk flood plain were no longer threatened when the 2015 flood occured.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Elevation Near Blanco River Survives Historic Flood

    This Best Practice tells how one's man decision to elevate his home saved it from floodwaters.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Warning System Alerts Residents in San Marcos

    This Best Practice tells the city of San Marcos, Texas, wanted a way to communicate impending dangers if a tornado was spotted. The result was an early warning siren system installed to alert the public, allowing them the opportunity to move indoors quickly.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - 3 Years Long, 3 Years Strong: New Jersey’s Successful Approach to Purchasing Homes along Sandy’s Flooded Path

     This Best Practice tells of New Jersey’s successful approach to purchasing homes along Hurricane Sandy’s flooded path.

  • Mitigation Best Practice - Defensible Space and Fire Resistant Building Materials Saves Property

    This Best Practice tells how one family saved their family from a wildfire by using fire resistant materials and clearing the area around their home.