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Lessons Learned Information Sharing (4)

The LLIS program develops and disseminates lessons learned, trend analyses, case studies, and innovative ideas to improve preparedness for the emergency management and homeland security communities. These documents, produced through research and analysis by the LLIS Team, support whole community learning and continuous improvement.
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March 13, 2015
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  • LLIS Trend Analysis

    The Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) team conducts research and analysis on core capabilities and emerging threats and hazards. The LLIS team analyzes various sources, including State Preparedness Reports and after-action reports from Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies, and shares their findings through trend analysis documents. These documents are disseminated to help first responders, emergency managers, homeland security officials, and members of the whole community prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate natural disasters and other threat and hazard-related emergencies.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies

    In 2014, FEMA completed a series of grant effectiveness case studies to demonstrate how states and urban areas across the country are using federal homeland security grants to improve preparedness. FEMA partnered with stakeholders in various states to develop case studies for distribution to the whole community. FEMA chose these locations to account for a mix of homeland security non-disaster grant programs, to ensure geographical diversity, and to link grant investments with recent events.

  • Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) Program Consolidation 2015

    Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) Program system consolidation 2015 information.

  • Preparedness Grant Case Studies: Texas

    Texas Preparedness Grant Case Studies