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America’s PrepareAthon! Materials (26)

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Participant resources and promotional materials for America’s PrepareAthon Spring Hazards 2014.
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March 24, 2014
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  • Tornado Playbook

    This container holds the Tornado Playbook.

  • Wildfire Playbook

    This container holds the Wildfire Playbook.

  • America's PrepareAthon! Tabletop Exercise Materials

    This container includes the America's PrepareAthon! Flood Tabletop Exercise Materials.

  • America's PrepareAthon! Logo Usage Guidelines

    America’s PrepareAthon!SM is a grassroots campaign for action to increase community emergency preparedness and resilience through hazard-specific drills, group discussions, and exercises. The goal of America’s PrepareAthon! is to build a more secure and resilient Nation by increasing the number of individuals who understand which disasters could happen in their community, know what to do to be safe and mitigate damage, take action to increase their preparedness, and participate in community resilience planning.

  • Organizational Tabletop Exercise Powerpoint

    Customizable Hazard-Specific Scenarios

  • Message from the President on America's PrepareAthon! National Day of Action Spring 2015

    Message from President Barack Obama on the America's PrepareAthon! National Day of Action, April 28 2015