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The more you prepare for an emergency in advance, the quicker you will be able to recover and get life back to normal. These videos demonstrate preparedness in action or stress the importance of getting prepared before a disaster strikes. Visit to get prepared today.
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September 20, 2013
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  • Information Sheet: Resource Typing Library Tool and Incident Resource Inventory System

    Information sheet for the Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT) and the Incident Resource Inventory System (IRIS).
  • NIMS ICS Forms Booklet

    The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2, is designed to assist emergency response personnel in the use of ICS and corresponding documentation during incident operations. This booklet is a companion document to the NIMS ICS Field Operations Guide (FOG), FEMA 502-1, which provides general guidance to emergency responders on implementing ICS. This booklet is meant to complement existing incident management programs and does not replace relevant emergency operations plans, laws, and ordinances. These forms are designed for use within the Incident Command System, and are not targeted for use in Area Command or in multiagency coordination systems.

  • National Exercise Program (NEP) Nomination Form 2020

    The National Exercise Program (NEP) provides opportunities for Whole Community partners to contribute to the National Preparedness Goal of building a secure and resilient nation. Findings from whole community exercises are used to directly inform national preparedness efforts to include in the National Preparedness Report.

    The purpose of this form is to request support from the National Exercise Division for your exercise. If you have questions related to this form, contact the National Exercise Division at

  • Grant Effectiveness Strategic Vision 2.0 - Homeland Security Grant Program

    To provide FEMA with a multiyear strategy for measuring, evaluating, and communicating the contributions of FEMA preparedness grants. The National Preparedness Assessment Division (NPAD) evaluates the extent to which these grant programs improve grant recipients’ preparedness capabilities, a responsibility it shares with state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments. Since its creation in 2003, the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) issues between $850 million and $2.5 billion annually in funds to SLTT governments. The primary focus of this vision is the two core grants under HSGP: State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) and Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI), which account for more than ninety percent of the total each year on average.