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    Cover image for Mitigation Best Practices Collection

    Mitigation Best Practices

    This Collection contains Mitigation Best Practices. Additional Best Practices can be found at
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    Cover image for Flood Safety Graphics Collection

    Flood Safety Graphics

    This collection includes graphics with a focus on flood safety.
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    Cover image for Winter Weather Safety Graphics Collection

    Winter Weather Safety Graphics

    A collection of winter weather safety graphics
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    Cover image for CERT Training Videos Collection

    CERT Training Videos

    Training Videos for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). FEMA P-809 E / April 2011
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    Cover image for South Carolina Flooding Collection

    South Carolina Flooding

    Imagery from 2015 South Carolina floods.
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    Cover image for Teen Cert Collection

    Teen Cert

    This container holds information on Teen Cert
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    Cover image for Sandy Claims Division Formerly “National Flood Insurance Program Transformation” Collection

    Sandy Claims Division Formerly “National Flood Insurance Program Transformation”

    This collection contains all documents for the National Flood Insurance Program transformation, including information for policyholders who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.
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    Cover image for Hazard Mitigation Products Collection

    Hazard Mitigation Products

    This collections houses handout products that supports the mission. This collection is for hazard mitigation products to inform stakeholders about hazard mitigation. The goal of this collection is to provide emergency managers, planners, and others involved with products that will assist them with passing on information about hazard mitigation.
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    Cover image for Katrina 10 years later Collection

    Katrina 10 years later

    This collection contains information on what FEMA has accomplished 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.
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    Cover image for Children & Disaster Newsletters Collection

    Children & Disaster Newsletters

    This collection includes FEMA Children & Disasters Newsletter - The FEMA Children & Disasters Newsletter is a resource for youth preparedness practitioners, educators, parents, children, and teens. It shares timely research, examples of successful youth preparedness programs, safety tips, and resources related to youth preparedness.
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    US Fire Administration

    This collect holds policies, doctrine and strategies.
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    Cover image for ORR - Individual Assistance Collection

    ORR - Individual Assistance

    Collection of doctrinal and strategic products for ORR.
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    Cover image for Hazard Mitigation Planning Collection

    Hazard Mitigation Planning

    This a collection for hazards and how to make mitigation plans for hazards. The goal of this collection is to provide emergency managers, planners, and others involved with developing hazard mitigation plans.
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    Cover image for FEMA Youth Preparedness Council Collection

    FEMA Youth Preparedness Council

    The Youth Preparedness Council Summit is an opportunity for Council members to meet one another and FEMA representatives, including their Regional CPOs, who will be their ongoing FEMA support contacts and mentors. Council members will be able to share their experiences, ideas, solutions, and questions on youth disaster preparedness with FEMA, national partners engaged in youth preparedness work, other Council members, and selected federal officials.
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    Cover image for FIMA Risk Insurance Collection

    FIMA Risk Insurance

    Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration Risk Insurance Policies
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    Cover image for FIMA Risk Analysis Collection

    FIMA Risk Analysis

    Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, Risk Analysis Policies
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    Cover image for FIMA Policies Collection

    FIMA Policies

    Collection of all Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration official policies
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    Cover image for FIMA Mitigation Planning Collection

    FIMA Mitigation Planning

    Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, Mitigation Planning
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    Cover image for FIMA - EHP Collection

    FIMA - EHP

    Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, Environmental and Historic Preservation
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    Cover image for FEMA Daily Mission Collection

    FEMA Daily Mission

    This page contains daily activity of Mission Assignments, including State, Disaster Declaration Number, Description of Assistance Requested, Federal dollars obligated, and Date of Obligation as required by HR152 – Sandy Recovery Improvement Act. As part of disaster declarations, FEMA uses Mission Assignments to task and reimburse other federal departments and agencies to provide direct assistance during emergencies and disasters. Note: Mission Assignments are generally issued and obligated in order to make resources available to address estimated immediate mission-critical needs and are frequently updated. As the need for a particular mission assigned activity is assessed, Mission Assignment funding may be supplemented or de-obligated as required.