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    Conversations with FEMA

    Messages from FEMA Senior Leadership.
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    Cover image for Reservist Program Town Hall Collection

    Reservist Program Town Hall

    A Town Hall Meeting with Deputy Administrator Rich Serino held on April 17, 2012 regarding the transition to the new reservist program.
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    FEMA Corps

    Videos relating to FEMA Corps, a cooperative program between FEMA and the Corporation for National and Community Service.
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    Cover image for Additional Languages Collection

    Additional Languages

    Videos developed for those fluent in languages other than English.
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    Cover image for Public Service Announcements Collection

    Public Service Announcements

    Public service announcements for use by broadcasters, media outlets or emergency management agencies.
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    Cover image for Vermont Tropical Storm Irene Collection

    Vermont Tropical Storm Irene

    Vermont Tropical Storm Irene (DR-4022) 09/01/2011
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    Cover image for New Jersey Hurricane Irene Collection

    New Jersey Hurricane Irene

    New Jersey Hurricane Irene (DR-4021) 08/31/2011
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    Cover image for North Carolina Hurricane Irene Collection

    North Carolina Hurricane Irene

    North Carolina Hurricane Irene (DR-4019) 08/31/2011
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    Cover image for Hurricane Irene Collection

    Hurricane Irene

    Multimedia related to response and recovery efforts for Hurricane Irene, which affected the East Coast in August of 2011.
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    Cover image for Missouri Storms, Tornadoes & Floods Collection

    Missouri Storms, Tornadoes & Floods

    Videos about the Missouri Severe Storms, Tornadoes, And Flooding, declared a major disaster on May 9, 2011. This collection includes videos from Joplin, Mo.
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    Cover image for Louisiana Flooding Collection

    Louisiana Flooding

    Videos of Louisiana Flooding (EM-3322), the emergency declaration was declared on May 6, 2011.
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    Cover image for B-Roll Collection


    Raw video from FEMA released into the public domain.
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    Cover image for North Carolina Severe Storms & Tornadoes Collection

    North Carolina Severe Storms & Tornadoes

    North Carolina Severe Storms, Tornadoes, And Flooding (DR-1969). Declared on 04/19/2011.
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    Cover image for Alabama Severe Storms & Tornadoes Collection

    Alabama Severe Storms & Tornadoes

    Alabama Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-1971). Declared on 04/28/2011
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    Cover image for For Government Officials Collection

    For Government Officials

    These videos are designed to be resources for state, local, and federal officials looking to learn more about FEMA services. Specific topics include the individual assistance process and how to apply for public assistance.
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    Cover image for Fire Safety Collection

    Fire Safety

    These videos provide fire safety tips, from keeping your children safe to preventing home fires.
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    Cover image for Wisconsin Flooding & Severe Storms Collection

    Wisconsin Flooding & Severe Storms

    Wisconsin Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding (DR-1933) 08/11/2010
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    Cover image for FEMA Resources Collection

    FEMA Resources

    A collection of generic public service announcements and videos that highlight publicly available FEMA services.
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    Cover image for Public Assistance Collection

    Public Assistance

    Videos outlining the process of public assistance.
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    Cover image for Preparedness Collection


    The more you prepare for an emergency in advance, the quicker you will be able to recover and get life back to normal. These videos demonstrate preparedness in action or stress the importance of getting prepared before a disaster strikes. Visit to get prepared today.