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AFG Research and Development

In 2005, Congress appropriated funding to the Assistance to Firefighters Grants to engage U.S. universities and other research organizations to find ways to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries. Through the AFG's Fire Prevention and Safety Grants program, more than 60 Firefighter Safety Research and Development grants have been awarded to improve firefighter safety, health, and well-being. These grants are based on a partnership between science and the fire service. Firefighter and industry partners work with researchers and engineers on these studies to develop new fire fighting technologies, evaluate risk behaviors, and test ways to move new safety and health information into firefighter programs and practices. Firefighters are involved in each phase of these research grants, from early project planning and active participation in the study, to facilitating the transfer of research results and information into everyday practice.
Video by Carlos Gomez - Dec 19, 2012
Last Updated: May 10, 2017