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U.S. National Park Service Inspects Fortín de San Gerónimo in Puerto Rico

The Council of Nautical Archaeology of the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture and members of the U.S. National Park Service inspect the historic fort (built in 1609) that was impacted by Hurricane María on September 20, 2017. Damages due to weather and human intervention were present prior to the hurricane, however they increased dramatically after the hurricane made landfall. Congress passed a law that orders a team to send qualified arcaeologists and structural engineers to assess and structure a plan for historical buildings on the island as part of the natural and cultural resources projects. The archaeologists assess visible cracks, debris, the conditions of the historical material used and the sources of each visible damage.

Andrea Bajnadas/FEMA

- Location: San Juan, PR
Video by Andrea Bajandas - Mar 14, 2018
Last Updated: August 14, 2018