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The Turtle Hospital Was Ready For Hurricane Irma

The Turtle Hospital, located in the Florida Keys on Marathon Island, learned and implemented successful measures to protect their facility and patients from prior experience with Hurricane Wilma. When Hurricane Irma went across Marathon with sustained 130 mph winds, they had already moved expensive hospital equipment and supplies to a higher floor to avoid flooding damage, set up generators to provide power in case of outage, and moved over 40 sea turtles from their pools by the bay to large hurricane tanks located in the center of the property above the flood zone. Their hurricane plan and preparations were successful against the storm. All of the turtles survived and the tanks they were moved to were not damaged. The hospital equipment and several weeks of supplies were also successfully protected.

- Location: Marathon, FL
Video by Robert Kaufmann - Apr 06, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2018