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Farm At Risk Of Shutting Down Gets Power Restored

SANTA ISABEL, Puerto Rico, February 16, 2018 – Gargiulo Farm was under pressure of shutting down due to lack of power. They are the largest, most important agricultural employer in the South Coast Region in Puerto Rico, giving jobs to over 1,000 families per year. After Hurricane Maria, it was a time sensitive matter to restore the power grid to the farm before risking losing the harvest and leaving hundreds of people without a job. Thanks to the efforts of Tiffany Greenidge (Econ RSF Interagency Recovery Coordinator), Juan Bauzá (EDR/Economic RSF) and the U.S. Corps of Engineers (USACE) who worked in conjunction to elevate the Gargiulo Farm case, a day prior to packing the harvest, Gargiulo Farm got its power grid restored and around 700 families or so got to keep their jobs. FEMA/Andrea Bajandas.

- Location: Santa Isabel, PR
Video by Andrea Bajandas - Feb 16, 2018
Last Updated: April 25, 2019