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Free Construction Guidelines Workshop For Non-Profit Organizations in Puerto Rico

A group of people listening to a person during a workshop

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, February 9, 2019 - Structure Engineer Johann Zimmerman, shares his knowledge and talks about the new construction guidelines in Puerto Rico. Members of different non-profit organizations participated in the workshop dedicated to strengthen construction skills, and learn how to build more resistant wooden structures. The trainings provided by Mennonite Disasters Services in collaboration with FEMA's Invitational Service Program, were carried out in four different municipalities around the island (Mayagüez, Maricao, Santurce and Trujillo Alto), and it is estimated that around 18 organizations benefited from it. FEMA/Eduardo Martínez

Photo by Eduardo Martinez - Feb 09, 2019 - Location: Trujillo Alto, PR
Last Updated: February 14, 2019