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Hurricane Florence LifeLine Graphic 9/12/18 7AM

Hurricane Florence 
As of 7 a.m. EDT, September 12, 2018

“If you are told to evacuate and do not do so, you need to realize you are putting your life in danger. This storm is not to be taken lightly. The entire states of North and South Carolina could be heavily impacted by this storm.” – FEMA Administrator Brock Long

Mandatory evacuations in place for Barrier Islands from the VA border to the SC border. SC National Guard has personnel ready to deploy and assist with traffic control points and lane reversals. FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Teams and U.S. Coast Guard are pre-positioned in NC, SC, and VA. Department of Defense is coordinating rotary wing aircrafts, swift water rescue boats, geospatial specialists, trained rescue personnel, and additional ground transportation with high water capability for cargo and/or people movement.  
NC estimates 400,000 evacuees with an estimate 10 percent needing sheltering. 
Voluntary agencies are positioning resources in the Carolinas. Commodities including blankets, cots, medical supplies and equipment, and infant toddler kits are staged in GA, NC, SC, VA and WV. Shelters are opening in NC, SC, and VA. 

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams are staged in the Carolinas, Maryland and Virginia. Federal health coordinating officials and HHS Incident Management Teams are actively engaged with state/local governments and stakeholders along the east coast to monitor developments and forecast future needs. In SC, an evacuation order for health care providers has been issued for eight coastal counties. 

Electric companies from neighboring states are sending crews and resources to help energy companies in the Carolinas in anticipation of the impacts of Hurricane Florence. Defense Logistics Agency national fuel contract is activated, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is assisting fuel transport to VA, NC and SC.  USACE teams are in the Caolinas and Virginia to plan for temporary power support operations 
FEMA Mobile Emergency Response Support is on the ground in NC, SC to support unmet communications needs. 

Evacuations in the Carolinas are causing road congestion. In Virginia, tolls on the Hampton Roads Express Lanes and Route 168 Chesapeake Expressway have been suspended until further notice. Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad in Virginia plan to shut down operations. Amtrak is modifying schedules through VA, NC and SC. 

Hazardous waste risk has been assessed as low.

Hurricane Florence LifeLine Graphic

Photo by Lauren Butler - Sep 12, 2018
Last Updated: September 12, 2018