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Puerto Rico One Year After Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Puerto Rico One Year After Hurricanes Irma and Maria. TODAY. POWER - 99.99% Restored, HOSPITALS 100%Open, WATER 99.56% Restored, CELL SERVICE 99.8% Restored. AFTER THE STORMS - MEALS 63.24 Million, POTABLE WATER 16.99 Million Gallons, TARPS 126,000, BLUE ROOFS 59,469, GENERATORS 1,300 Sites, DEBRIS 8.18 Million Cubic Yards. PREPAREDNESS FOR NEXT STORM - MEALS 3.8 Million, BOTTLED WATER 13.8 Million Liters, GENERATORS 630, BLANKETS 20,000, TARPS 270,000, ROLLS of PLASTIC SHEETING 73,500. SHELTERING - A total of 422 shelters are available: Primary Shelters: 263, Alternate Shelters: 113, Temporary Shelters: 46

Infographic showing the status (today and after the storms) of some areas like Power, Water and Hospitals in Puerto Rico. The graphic also shows the preparedness for the next storm regarding the available quantities of commodities like Generators, Blankets, Tarps, Meals, and Bottled Water.

Photo by FEMA Graphic - Sep 11, 2018
Last Updated: September 11, 2018