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West Virginia 2016 Flooding Recovery: Year 2

This graphic shows an illustrated town, with a road through the middle and cars traveling through it. The town includes block buildings, and in the background are green hills. At the top, it reads: 'West Virginia 2016 Flooding Recovery Year 2.' Underneath that, above the town it includes four sets of numbers, from left to right: the top row reads: $120 million in FEMA Public Assistance; $48.3 Million in National Flood Insurance Claims. The second row reads: $52 million in FEMA mitigation; and $42.3 million in FEMA Individual Assistance.

This graphic highlights FEMA's assistance to West Virginia for DR-4273-WV, two years after the flooding event impacted the state. As of June 6, FEMA has provided:

- $120 Public Assistance;

- $48.3 million in National Flood Insurance claims;

- $52 million in FEMA mitigation funding; and

- $42.3 million in FEMA Individual Assistance.

Together, in partnership with the State, communities, local officials, and other agencies and nonprofits, FEMA will continue to help West Virginia recover.

Photo by Will Powell - Jun 08, 2018
Last Updated: June 25, 2018