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Impact of Reinsurance on Hurricane Harvey Losses

Title: Impact of Reinsurance on Hurricane Harvey Losses. Texas and Louisiana maps with the text: Texas made up 99.5% of total Claims for Hurricane Harvey. Louisiana Claims 0.50%. FEMA recovered $1.042 billion from the private markets. 26% of losses covered by reinsurance between $4 and $8 billion. Donut chart broken into three segments. First segment represents treasury debt $5.51 billion, second segment represents policyholder payment $1.96 billion, third segment represents reinsurance $1.04 billion. Treasury debt (without reinsurance) $6.55 billion. Estimated total losses: $8.5 - $9.5 billion. Total Claims Received: 91,135 Note: As of November 30, 2017. FEMA seal and National Flood Insurance Program logo.

A graphic illustrating the impact of reinsurance on Hurricane Harvey losses. All figures as of November 30, 2017.

Photo by FEMA - Jan 05, 2018
Last Updated: April 24, 2019