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2014 National Preparedness Report

This report marks the third National Preparedness Report. Required annually by Presidential Policy Directive 8:National Preparedness, the National Preparedness Report summarizes progress in building, sustaining, and delivering the 31 core capabilities described in the National Preparedness Goal (the Goal). Each year, the NationalPreparedness Report presents an opportunity to evaluate gains that whole community partners—including all levels of government, private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, communities, and individuals—have made in preparedness and to identify where challenges remain. This year’s report focuses primarily on preparedness activities undertaken or reported during 2013.

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Icon for file of type application/pdf2014 National Preparedness Report

Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness, requires an annual National Preparedness Report (NPR) that summarizes national progress in building, sustaining and delivering the 31 core capabilities outlined in the National Preparedness Goal (the Goal). The intent of the NPR is to provide the Nation—not just the federal government—with practical insights on core capabilities that can inform decisions about program priorities, resource allocation, and community actions. This report marks the third annual NPR, updating and expanding upon findings from the previous two years. The 2014 NPR highlights accomplishments achieved or reported during 2013.