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Finding Standards, Guidance and Related Documents

The FEMA Document Control Procedures Manual (Manual) is to be used in conjunction with the guidelines and standards. The Manual provides guidance to FEMA, Mapping Partners and contractor staff for:

Processing of standard and non-standard documents used in FEMA-contracted studies/restudies.

Community-initiated map revisions. Conditional and final map revisions based on conditions other than fill. Conditional and final map revisions based on fill. Conditional and final map amendments. Letter of determination review and special conversions.

The Manual also provides procedures and sample documents for use in tracking community compliance and documenting a community's entry into the National Flood Insurance Program (National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)).

The Manual is a living document and FEMA encourages interested parties to submit ideas for improvement. ing the Manual. You may submit written comments and suggestions by sending an e-mail message to