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FEMA P-950 CD, FEMA Building Science Toolkit CD

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Communities can strengthen their ability to reduce the loss of life, number of injuries, and property damage from coastal and riverine flooding by taking advantage of the vast resources in the FEMA Building Science Library in conjunction with FEMA Risk MAP products. The library also contains information on other natural hazards (e.g., seismic, wind). The information in the library can help communities understand flooding and other hazards, determine the appropriate standards for new construction, determine how best to retrofit existing structures to mitigate the risk of damage, and understand the benefits of enhancing or updating building codes to reduce the community’s risk. The FEMA Building Science Toolkit CD contains some of the key resources, organized by hazard, from the Building Science Library and links to additional resources.

The Building Science Toolkit CD contains:

- General information and technical guidance for State and local officials on the design and construction of hazard-resistant buildings and the retrofit of existing buildings to reduce the risk of damage from flooding and other natural hazards

- Over 70 of the most widely used FEMA publications including design manuals, tools for assessing damage, technical bulletins, recovery advisories, best practices, and evaluations and comparisons of building codes

- Links to additional publications on hazard resistance and design prepared by FEMA and other Federal agencies.

The resources cited on the CD can be used with flood risk maps and other Risk MAP products by local officials, developers, contractors, and building owners to better define areas of mitigation interest, determine flood depth and velocity data needed for building design, and determine where hydraulic analyses should be conducted to assist with siting, foundation, and structure design. Distribution of the Toolkit CD is encouraged during the RiskMAP Community Engagement and Resilience meetings between FEMA and communities.

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