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CHECK-RAS, Version 1.4

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CHECK-RAS version 1.4 has been updated to extract and run using the report that is generated by HEC-RAS versions 2.2 and above, including the latest version, 4.1.0. The updated version of CHECK-RAS is compatible with Windows operating systems. Please follow the instructions in the Run HEC-RAS and Run CHECK-RAS sections on the New Users page to ensure that CHECK-RAS extracts data properly from the HEC-RAS report file. The updated version of CHECK-RAS also corrects a problem related to the ground station of the channel n-value when a ‘horizontal variation in n-value’ option is used within the associated HEC-RAS model. The previous version of CHECK-RAS cannot extract data if that condition exists in the HEC-RAS file. The current version of CHECK-RAS in use is 1.4 (date modified 7/30/2008).