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Getting Started: Building Support for Mitigation Planning

Mitigation Planning How-To Guide # 1 (FEMA 386-1), the first guide in the State and Local Mitigation Planning How-To Series, discusses the activities and issues involved in initiating a hazard mitigation planning process. The topics are presented within the context of the beginning phase of the mitigation planning process, although many activities will continue throughout the process. The effort put into identifying and organizing resources early on will pay dividends later as they progress through some of the more challenging tasks of mitigation planning. This how-to guide covers not only this first phase of the planning process, but also provides snapshots of later phases. Planners will be able to begin the process knowing ahead of time what types of resources they may need to call upon in the future. Last, but perhaps most important, elected officials, community staff, citizens, and businesses will benefit from the knowledge, organization, positive attitude, and energy that you and your team demonstrate.