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Environmental Assessment for Highway 90 Section, Restore Biloxi Program, Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi (December 2012)

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast, causing extensive damage. The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina inundated much of the City of Biloxi, damaging a large portion of the City’s water distribution, sewerage and stormwater drainage systems, including a number of lift stations.The Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Program was designed to repair or replace damaged water, sewer and drainage facilities in order to restore the City’s infrastructure to pre-Katrina conditions. The program would improve the efficiency of water, sewer and drainage systems while reducing the potential for future storm impacts. Some existing sewer lift stations would be eliminated and the affected flows consolidated into new gravity sanitary sewers, which are less susceptible to future storm-related damage.  The Restore Biloxi Program is a coordinated effort of the City of Biloxi in partnership with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and FEMA.  In accordance with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (PL 93-288), as amended, and implementing regulations contained in Title 44, Part 206 of the Code of Federal Regulations (44 CFR 206), FEMA is required to review the environmental effects of a proposed action prior to making a funding decision.