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Best Practices for Incorporating Building Science Guidance into Community Risk MAP Implementation (2012)

The Building Science Branch provides communities with guidance on reducing flood risk through publications, education, and tools that can be used with the Risk MAP program to help communities implement hazard-resistant construction. Building Science resources can be used in conjunction with Risk MAP products to strengthen the community’s ability to reduce risk by increasing design standards for new construction and by implementing mitigation measures for existing construction.

The key Building Science topics for regulatory and non-regulatory Risk MAP products are (1) increasing the community’s risk awareness and (2) informing the community of the vast array of FEMA Building Science resources (publications, training, brochures, and websites). These products can benefit the community by increasing their understanding of floods and how to mitigate the risk. This information plays an important role in determining the appropriate standards for new construction, how existing structures can be retrofitted to reduce future flood damage, and the benefits of enhancing or updating building codes to reduce the community’s risk