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Voluntary submission of the Vendor Profile form

**If you are interested in supporting the response to COVID- 19 with your company’s goods and/or services, please submit your inquiry to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Procurement Action Innovative Response Team (PAIR) team at This will ensure your capabilities are received and reviewed by the appropriate acquisition office. Thank you for your support.


The vendor profile form can serve as a secondary market research resource. Information supplied should not be proprietary or sensitive in nature. Please be specific about how your product(s) and/or service(s) can support FEMA’s mission.

For information on how to do business with FEMA, please visit the Industry Liaison Program (ILP) page.

Complete the ILP vendor profile form and submit to (File name structure: Company Name_State_MMDDYY; ie: Best Vendor_DC_123117)

Please note:

Submission of the vendor profile form does not:

Place you on a preferred list of vendors to be considered for procurements; FEMA does not maintain such a list.

Guarantee contract award. Please continue to monitor contracting opportunity sites.

Guarantee meeting with FEMA Representatives.

***The form is used to assist in secondary market research and is voluntary***

FEMA does not charge any company a basic registration fee.  There are companies that replicate services of Federal Government entities and there are typically fees associated with their services.  Most Federal Government services, if not all, are free of charge.  Always make it a practice to reach out to the appropriate Federal agency first to inquire about the validity of the service, specifically if a fee is associated with it.