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Environmental Assessment for Sky Tavern Water/Fire System, City of Reno, Nevada (September 2009)

The City owns and manages the lodge and the surrounding 143-acre parcel, which is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Reno, in Washoe County, Nevada. The area surrounding the lodge is heavily forested; because drought conditions have prevailed since 1998, vegetation in the area is dry. These dry fuels in the area put the lodge and surrounding residences at high risk for catastrophic wildfires. The area does not have reliable water supply systems for defending against wildfires.The existing water tank at the lodge is constructed of redwood, has a storage capacity of 23,000 gallons, and is approximately 1150 feet uphill (southwest) from the lodge. The City has determined that the existing water tank is not adequate to protect the lodge if a significant fire occurs in the area. FEMA has concluded that a need exists for improved firefighting facilities at the lodge to reduce the overall risk to people and structures as a result of fire.