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Region VII: Surpassing a High Bar for Cooperating Technical Partner

This page describes the successes that came from planning and executing an engaging, three-day Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) Rendezvous event that deepened the participants’ understanding and awareness of Risk MAP. It is intended for state and community officials, mitigation and urban planners and other individuals interested in how the Risk MAP program and project cycle can benefit their community in identifying and mitigating flood hazards.

In 2014, FEMA Region VII held its first ever CTP Rendezvous event, which brought together the state CTP providers from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. While the three-day event covered topics from Risk MAP to best practices and was considered an overall success, survey feedback found that many Region VII CTPs felt that there was an inconsistent understanding and delivery in executing Risk MAP. This concern was especially focused around the Key Decision Points (KDPs) process. So when planning began for the 2015 CTP Rendezvous, the planners faced a challenge of how to make the session engaging and also deepen the understanding and awareness of Risk MAP.

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