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Hazus Dasymetric Data Overview

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This container houses a couple of documents related to the dasymetric data provided as the default for the Hazus-MH software. There is a general Dasymetric Data Overview file, which serves as an FAQ to break down commonly asked questions related to the dasymetric data provided with the Hazus-MH software download. There is also a flyer that differentiates between dasymetric and homogeneous data, providing scenarios in which one data set may be more appropriate than the other.

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Icon for file of type application/pdfHazus-MH Data Inventories: Dasymetric vs. Homogeneous

This factsheet will break down the differences between dasymetric vs. homogeneous data analysis, provide best practices of when to use each one, and describe why dasymetric analysis is now the default for Hazus-MH.

0.77MNovember 16, 2015
Icon for file of type application/pdfHazus 3.0 Dasymetric Data Overview

This document provides common questions and answers to what users can expect from the dasymetric data changes made to Hazus with the release of Hazus-MH 3.0. 

0.54MNovember 16, 2015