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FEMA Damage Assessment Manual

The FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual is part of a greater effort to provide a user-friendly, streamlined post-disaster damage assessment process that builds on the existing knowledge and expertise of State or Tribe and local partners to identify damage after a natural or man-made disaster. Eligible Tribes and U.S. territories are considered the same as States for application of FEMA programs; the Manual is aimed at clarifying FEMA damage assessment guidance, promoting standardized information collection, and assisting in the development of requests for federal disaster assistance.

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Damage Assessment Operations Manual


The FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual is intended to expedite decision-making and the delivery of assistance by defining national standards for assessing damage and clearly outlining the information considered when evaluating requests for a Major Disaster Declaration.  To support this overall objective, this manual aims to achieve three major goals:

Promote accuracy by clearly defining the information and documentation that should be collected to assess damage and support requests for Stafford Act assistance;

Promote consistency by standardizing the criteria used to assess damage to residential homes and offering clear guidance on assessing damage to infrastructure;

Promote efficiency by empowering emergency management at all levels with the structure and information needed to streamline damage assessment efforts.

3.66MApril 6, 2016