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Plan Integration

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Plan integration is a process where communities look critically at their existing planning framework and align efforts. Integration of hazard mitigation principles into other local planning mechanisms (comprehensive plans, transportation plans, floodplain ordinances, etc.) and vice versa is vital to build a safer, more resilient community. This two-way exchange of information supports community-wide risk reduction, both before and after disasters occur. Not only will the community’s planning efforts be better integrated, but by going through this process there is a higher level of interagency coordination, which is just as important as the planning mechanisms themselves.

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This document, Plan Integration: Linking Local Planning Efforts, is a step-by-step guide developed to help communities not only analyze their local plans for existing integration, but also further improve those efforts including interagency coordination. Any level of government can perform plan integration and while this document was developed for local planning efforts, principles and lessons from this guide are applicable for many different users.

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