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Flood Risk Templates and Other Resources

Templates and Other Resources are a collection of documents used to support the implementation of Flood Risk Projects and may be referenced in standards, guidance, and technical references. The types of documents found here include templates, checklists, forms, database schemas, metadata profiles, product prototypes, and etc.

Template: FIS Report (December 2020)

FIRM Database Schema (December 2020)

Template: Flood Risk Products (FRP) Quality Control (December 2020) Excel Format

Template: FIRM Panel Vector Nov 2020 (ZIP version)

Template: FIRM Panel Ortho Nov 2020 (Zip Version)

Prototype: FIRM Panel Vector Nov 2020

Prototype: FIRM Panel Ortho Nov 2020

Prototype: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Index 11x17 (Feb 2019)

Prototype: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Index 17x11 (Feb 2019)

Template: SID 621 Draft FIRM Database Notification Letter (Feb 2019)

Metadata Profile: Discovery (Feb 2019)

Metadata Profile: Floodplain Mapping Redelineation Datasets (Feb 2019)

Template: SID 620 Engineering Model Notification Letter Template and Summary Table (Feb 2019)

Metadata Profile: Coastal Study Datasets (Feb 2019)

Template: SID 622 Map Change Press Release (Feb 2019)

Metadata Profile: FEMA-NFIP-Profile FIRM (Feb 2019)

Template: SID 622 Appeals Process Live Read Radio PSA Script (Feb 2019)

Checklist: Models Acceptance Checklist (Feb 2018)

Template: Local Model Certification Letter (Feb 2018)

Metadata Profile: Basemap Datasets (Feb 2018)

Last updated February 25, 2021