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Managing Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Applications

This page provides information on managaining grants for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

All recipients shall develop a plan for the administration of the HMGP. The minimum administrative plan must include Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs) to the Regional Administrator on any approved and open projects. As directed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a new quarterly report input form (SF-425) has replaced the SF-269, SF-269A, SF-272, and SF-272A.

The HMGP Quarterly Reporting Workflow Process

Recipients/subrecipients are required to submit completed QPRs 30 days after the end of each fiscal quarter.

  • Quarter One ends December 31
  • Quarter Two ends March 31
  • Quarter Three ends June 30
  • Quarter Four end September 30

FEMA distributes updated quarterly Excel spreadsheets to the corresponding non-Federal entities (i.e., recipient/ subrecipient). These spreadsheets are pre-populated to indicate the projects that require QPRs. The recipient coordinates with its subrecipients to collect project information to update the fields of the spreadsheet.  If the Recipients have access to NEMIS (Option 2), they may import the spreadsheets into NEMIS. The data imported from the spreadsheets parallels the NEMIS QPR module. The recipient will still have to save and submit the data in NEMIS to finalize the QPRs. 

If the recipient does not have access to NEMIS, they must return the spreadsheets to FEMA (Option 3). 

FEMA does not require any Recipients to use the spreadsheets; users may directly enter the data into the QPR module in NEMIS (Option 1).

Recipients/subrecipients have three options to submit QPRs. If you do not have access to NEMIS you must use Option 3.

  • Option 1:  Enter Data Directly into NEMIS – Login to NEMIS, access the Quarterly Reports module, and manually enter the data into the module.

  • Option 2:  Import Data from Excel Spreadsheet into NEMIS – Refer to the question  How do I access the Quarterly Reports module? and How do I import spreadsheets into NEMIS? for a full description of this process.

  • Option 3: Deliver Excel Spreadsheet to FEMA – This option is used for those Recipients/subrecipients that do not have access to NEMIS. FEMA will distribute pre-populated Excel spreadsheets at the end of the fiscal quarter. These spreadsheets should be completed and returned to FEMA. Recipients should be in contact with their corresponding Regional FEMA office to verify the best practice for delivery (e.g., email, direct file transfer, etc.). 

For more information on quarterly reporting, please visit  the HMGP Quarterly Progress Report Job Aid.

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