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Louisiana Alternative Housing Pilot Program

This page provides reference information on the Louisiana Alternative Housing Pilot Program which was a grant program that explored alternative methods to address disaster related housing needs.  The Louisiana project involved the building of cottage style homes with steel frame construction and provided housing for a diverse population.  This project is in closeout but provides valuable reference material for FEMA's National Disaster Housing Strategy.

Louisiana was one of four states that received an award through the Alternative Housing Pilot Program.  The Alternative Housing Pilot Program (AHPP) was a one-time, four-year pilot to identify and evaluate better ways to house disaster survivors. It resulted from a $400 million Congressional appropriation in 2006 and is identified as a key program in FEMA's National Disaster Housing Strategy. Designed as a grant program to address housing needs, five of the 29 AHPP projects submitted were awarded to four states. 


Project Overview

Model 1080 Louisiana AHPP Katrina Cottage. Photograph used with permission and courtesy of 18th Partners, LLC..

Louisiana's Alternative Housing Pilot Program (AHPP) created three separate group sites in Louisiana and an infill project within New Orleans.  Two different housing models were produced - the Louisiana (or "Katrina") Cottage (a single family home), and the Dovetail Cottage (a one story multifamily unit).

This project illustrates how disaster housing can spur long-term recovery. The multiple layout options allowed recovery officials to provide disaster housing to a diverse population.  The houses have a steel frame construction for endurance and high winds. The project also shows commitment to providing social services to residents and facilitating affordable home-ownership.


Project Specifications

Rendering of proposed AHPP Multi-family Louisiana Dovetail Cottage. Rendering used with permission and courtesy of ARX Solutions.

  • Single & Multifamily
  • Quick, permanent construction
  • Variety of floor plans
  • Case Management Services
  • Infill development and group sites
  • New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles  and other  Louisiana locations


Grant Information

Louisiana Recovery Authority

Award Amount: $74,542,370

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04/30/2019 - 16:29