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Long Branch Boardwalk

Long Branch Boardwalk

At the turn-of-the-20th century, the Long Branch boardwalk promenade attracted high society tourists from all over the country. Today, Pier Village, the flagship of the restored 4,700 ft long boardwalk, is a year-round, mixed-use community with shops, restaurants and more than 500 residences.  Hurricane Sandy flooding and storm surge caused damage along the entire boardwalk, undermining bluffs and erosion protection, damaging structures and lighting, and causing collapse of some areas of roadway and curbing.

Long Branch received $24 million from FEMA, including $8.7 million in mitigation funding, for the repair of a one-mile section of boardwalk and bluffs. The bluffs will serve as the support system for the boardwalk. The damaged boardwalk and infrastructure will be rebuilt with a new concrete foundation, 95,740 cubic yards of additional material, and 11,489 square yards of dune grass.

FEMA funding supported the repair or replacement of more than 69,000 sf of boardwalk and replaced bulkheading, comfort stations, 2500 ft of roadway curbing and sidewalk, ramps, stair units, 56 light poles, and 178 park benches. Mitigation at this site included sheet-piling along the entire length of the boardwalk to protect against wave action. 

Repair work at the Long Branch Boardwalk was completed in Spring of 2016.


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