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Come join your community representatives and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) at Teton County’s upcoming open house to learn about flood risk in your community.

Preparedness Tips

Floods happen in Montana not only during spring runoff but can occur year-round. Summer thunderstorms producing heavy rain can result in flash floods while normal rain events over areas affected by wildfire can result in conditions prone to flooding and mudflow for several years. A few inches of water in a 1,000-square foot home could cost more than $10,000 in repairs and replacement of personal possessions and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover most floods. Remember it does not take a lot of water to cause a lot of damage. Learn more about protecting your home or business with flood insurance.

Wildfires can also occur any time of year and should no longer be thought of as just a problem in the mountains. The devasting Marshall Fire in Colorado proved both these points in late 2021. Creating defensible space, using ignition resistant construction techniques and taking generally preparedness steps will help keep your family and community safe.

Press Releases and Fact Sheets

FEMA has approved more than $4 million in Public Assistance funding for road repairs and debris removal costs related to the 2022 Montana floods. FEMA has approved roughly $37 million in Public Assistance funding for the 2022 Montana flooding recovery to date.
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FEMA announced that federal disaster assistance has been made available to the state of Montana to supplement state, local and tribal recovery efforts in the areas affected by flooding from June 1-8, 2023.
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More than $140 million in funding was announced for communities in Region 8 states. The grant awards come from the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities and the Flood Mitigation Assistance programs.
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