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FEMA is seeking public comments on its updated Consensus-Based Codes, Specifications, and Standards (CBCSS) Policy through April 26 2024.

Join FEMA’s Office of Business, Industry, and Infrastructure Integration (OB3I) for the April Business and Industry Call on April 30, 2024, from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EDT. The meeting will showcase resilience tools for business organizations and communities to utilize when preparing for disaster emergencies and protecting assets throughout the year.

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A few inches of water in a 1,000-square foot home could cost more than $10,000 in repairs and replacement of personal possessions. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover most floods. Learn more about flood insurance.

Press Releases and Fact Sheets

More than $13 million in federal grants and loans has been disbursed to homeowners, renters and businesses in Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Glynn and Lowndes counties since President Joe Biden declared Hurricane Idalia a major disaster in South Georgia on Sept. 7, 2023.
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Personnel from FEMA’s Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) program are no longer visiting Georgia Hurricane Idalia survivors at their homes to check their well-being or to help them apply for federal disaster assistance. This is because door-to-door visits have ended in Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Glynn and Lowndes counties.
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The Nov. 6 deadline for applying to FEMA for Hurricane Idalia federal disaster assistance has passed, but that does not mean FEMA is leaving Georgia. FEMA will continue working with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) to help survivors and communities continue recovering from the August 30 hurricane.
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