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Leiloni Stainsby

Ms. Stainsby serves as the Division Director of the National Preparedness Assessment Division (NPAD) at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Ms. Stainsby is a skilled professional with experience leading program analysis, national preparedness assessments, policy and doctrine development, and grant effectiveness projects. She has a proven track record of working with stakeholders at all levels of government, the non-profit sector, international partners, and the private sector. In her current role, Ms. Stainsby provides oversight and strategic direction for the development of national-level projects including the annual National Preparedness Report; state, urban area and national risk and capability assessments; agency-wide performance management initiatives; and grant performance measures and metrics.

Ms. Stainsby previously served as the Branch Chief for the Assessments and Analytics Branch of the NPAD. In that role, she was responsible for establishing assessment methodologies, streamlining data collection and analysis efforts, and supervising the development of policies, guidance, and grant metrics. Ms. Stainsby also served as the Program Manager for FEMA’s lessons learned and continuous improvement program, working to ensure that lessons learned from FEMA’s real-world incident activation and preparedness exercises are incorporated into plans, policies, and directives.

Before joining FEMA, Ms. Stainsby spent six years in the private sector leading assessment and analytical efforts for government clients, supervising knowledge management programs, and managing information technology systems. Ms. Stainsby developed, managed, and led preparedness exercise and evaluation support, lessons learned and continuous improvement programs, and served as a program manager focusing on FEMA’s Catastrophic Planning efforts.

During her career, Ms. Stainsby has developed extensive management competencies, including people management, contract management, client management, financial management, and business process improvement. Ms. Stainsby began her professional career as a legislative assistant at Van Ness Feldman, a DC-based law firm, assisting in the development and implementation of policy and strategy initiatives for corporate and coalition clients.

Ms. Stainsby earned a M.Sc. in theory and history of international relations from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in political science from Millikin University.

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